Video Doorbells: Bringing Modern Day Technology To Your Front Door

Video doorbells are a modern day, trendy bit of tech for home protection. With that said, what exactly do they do and are they worth it? Within this blog post, we will cover everything video doorbells offer, so keep reading to find out more. 

What are they?

A video doorbell, as their name suggests, is essentially a video camera incorporated into your standard doorbell. It connects to your home WIFI network and notifies the homeowner’s smartphone when their doorbell is rung and detects any kind of motion outside of their front door. The homeowner will then be able to see the live footage, without having to physically be there. 

Are they expensive?

Depending on the model, features and abilities they hold, the price varies. The cheaper models can range from around £50, like RING doorbell and EUFY Cam. Whereas the more advanced, therefore more expensive models can cost up to £200, with the likes of Arlo and UniFi Protect. 

So.. what are the benefits?

  1. Answer the door, without being there:

Whether you’re in the office, out with friends or even on the other side of the planet, you will still be able to know who has been outside of your property as well as being able to communicate with them.

  1. The convenience factor:

They arguably provide the convenience factor, whether you're at home or not, answering the door can often be inconvenient or even intimidating if you're not expecting it. A video doorbell abolishes these disruptions and potential concerns and can make your life easier.

  1. Prevents thieves or bulgars: 

Even the appearance of a video doorbell outside of your home can deter it from becoming a potential target of thieving or burglary. Thieves do not want to be seen on camera, therefore are more likely to avoid a home or nearby ones that have one. 

Additionally, package theft is a common occurrence within neighbourhoods. However, with a video doorbell, you can remotely answer the door to any delivery drivers and instruct them on where you would like the package placed, if you aren’t at home. Meaning, you’ll be able to find your package with ease as it would have been left in a safe place, under your instructions. Even if the delivery driver doesn’t knock and leaves your package on the doorstep, the camera will monitor and catch anyone who may take your package, providing you with footage that you can take to the police. 

Not only this but according to recent statistics, the installation of video doorbells has reduced theft and burglaries by a whopping 55% (Farivar 2020) which further suggests that many of these incidents are now being avoided, thanks to video doorbells.

  1. Monitor visitors:

Those who are vulnerable or live alone may want to monitor who is at their door before answering, as unexpected visitors can be daunting. The video aspect provides you with knowledge of who is at your door without you having to meet them face-to-face. Not only this, but some models include microphones, so you are even able to speak to the visitor before opening the door.

  1. Provides useful footage 

Video footage is useful as it provides video evidence of any suspicious behaviour that occurs outside of your property. This would be hugely beneficial when trying to identify criminals. 

Video doorbells are undoubtedly beneficial for one's property which helps those inside feel safe. Here at Delta Home Protection, we are your very own video doorbell but one step further, as we offer a swift and professional response to your intruder alarm activations, which ensures rapid protection from potential theft and property damage. Attending yourself is highly dangerous… call on your professional response team who monitor your property 24/7 with our Keyholding and Alarm Response service. 

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