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About Delta Home Protection

Providing first-class security services with exceptional professionals

The Delta Home Protection team delivers consistently excellent security services to our customers and their homes across Sussex and Surrey.

As part of the Delta Security Management family, Delta Home Protection was launched to provide the professionalism, quality and excellence ,enjoyed by our business clients, to homes of all types.By offering our tailored services in this way our customers get to enjoy the peace of mind that their homes and hard earned treasured possessions are incredibly well protected.

Your home is unique and so are the security services provided by Delta.

Our Mission


The story and vision of David Graffham

I started Delta Security Management because I am passionate about making sure that our clients, and our workforce, are treated like superstars! 

With huge success in effectively protecting our customers' businesses, I really wanted to be able to offer the same level of service and peace of mind for homeowners too. I knew that in doing so we needed to take into account just how unique each and every home is and just how personal and flexible the services need to be to ensure total peace of mind and a great fit!

We will always provide you with the highest level of service and confidence that your security needs are always covered and that you can sleep better at night with us looking out for you, your family, your hard earned valuables and possessions and your home.Don’t settle for anything less than the best!

It doesn’t stop there for me. Whilst we work hard for our customers it is also important to me that we give back to communities in which we operate and earn a living. Supporting good causes and helping where we can is a foundation of the Delta family.


First-class security service delivered by an exceptional team

Clients always experience first-class security service, carried out by exceptional team members whilst providing excellent value for money.​

Value, encourage and nurture our Delta family and uphold our core values of fairness, diversity, respect and positive personal and professional development.​

Actively engage, and work with, our local community partners and stakeholders to promote great causes and help others.

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Many happy customers

"A first-class service from the outset".
"Effective, flexible, knowledgeable and highly professional."
"Seamlessly integrates into our day to day operations."


Fully Licensed for your Peace of Mind

All of our Operatives hold valid, current front line licences as issued by the Security Industry Authority (known as the S.I.A.) This means that they have been trained, tested, assessed and had numerous background checks to ensure that they are suitable to hold such important status in our industry.

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