Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe As The Warmer Months Approach

Now we are deep in spring, the weather will only get warmer (or perhaps not if you are from the UK), it is vital that you are prepared for all weather conditions! When the sun does come out, more security risks in your home are apparent due to people becoming more complacent with their home security. 

Due to the lighter evenings, we switch on our lights less, meaning when we are out of the house, and it gets dark, our houses aren't lit. This may suggest to potential criminals that no one is in. Not to mention, our homes need more ventilation, so we leave windows, doors, and curtains open. 

However, there are several ways to ensure your home stays protected. Please follow our tops tips below: 

  1. Ensure Your Doors Are Closed & Locked

While the warm weather means we tend to spend more time outdoors, sometimes we can forget to close and lock the doors when leaving the house. Open doors are an invitation for trespassers to walk in at any given moment, and it is something that can so easily be prevented. Ensure your doors and windows aren’t just closed, but locked when leaving the premises, even if you are only going out for a short period.

  1. Invest in Window and Door Sensors 

Ensuring you have window and door sensors installed, particularly on the bottom floor, as they are the most accessible, is a great way to let you know if someone has accessed your property.

  1. Employ Our Residential Security Patrol Service

By employing our amazing team for patrols, you can have peace of mind that your home is in safe hands. We will check doors and windows, ensure gates are secure and confirm that perimeter fencing and walls are secure and robust enough to prevent a breach. In essence, a complete check of the outside of your home and surrounding area.

  1. Be Social Media Savvy

As we are now in the prime holiday season, many people are planning, booking and jetting off on holidays. You might be tempted to share your holiday adventures on social media, but keep in mind that you may be showing criminals that your home is empty. By letting potential burglars know the dates of your vacation, you're making your home a prime target for a break-in.

  1. Lock Valuables Away

Make sure that you keep valuables, such as car keys, wallets, electronics and jewellery, out of sight from windows and doors to avoid attracting the attention of unwanted visitors. This also applies to expensive garden equipment, once you're done using a tool or piece of equipment, ensure you lock it away when you're done.

  1. Invest in a Home Alarm

On occasion, burglaries can still break through your security measures, so investing in a home alarm system will mean that you will be alerted about a break-in rapidly, and will prompt the surrounding houses to contact the police if you aren’t in. Not to mention, the visual element of a home alarm alone is a very powerful deterrent and can put off any criminal in approaching your property to begin with.

All in all, enjoy the summer months, but try not to become overly careless with your property. If these tips have been useful to you, get in touch with us for more expert advice and how we can help you:

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