The 10 most common types of homes thieves target

Did you know less than 15% of burglars are caught! Our latest blog looks at the most common types of homes that thieves target and why they're an easy win for opportunists.

1. Houses near common offenders

Did you know less than 15% of burglars are caught! Our latest blog looks at the most common types of homes that thieves target and why they're an easy win for opportunists.

Whilst there's no typical description of your average burglar, it is proven that neighbourhoods with higher drug or crime rates are more likely to be targeted because the opportunists or criminals are more familiar with their surroundings. High footfall areas near shopping centres, sports venues or train stations are also more likely to be set upon as residents are more accustomed to strangers.

2. Low-traffic areas

We've all longed for a detached house in a quiet road; however, it may not be all it seems! Homes on the outskirts of neighbourhoods are more vulnerable because fewer neighbours will be able to see if a crime is being committed.

A secluded property is usually one to be targeted, too. They allow thieves to scope the area (and your habits) quickly by simply driving by and naturally slowing or stopping for a turn. Depending on your neighbourhood's layout, they may also be less visible to neighbours and police.

3. Previously burgled homes or homes near one

If you've already been burgled, chances are, another thief will find your home equally as enticing as the first one did, especially if you haven't implemented any additional security measures. Additionally, the original thief may come back if he wasn't caught the first time as they enjoy the thrill and know exactly what's on offer. If he doesn't come back to you, he may come back to your neighbours, because he considers it a familiar and successful area.

4. Places to hide

How your house is landscaped or built can make your home attractive to thieves. They like places to hide. Bushes growing under windows and low-hanging trees are a thief's best friend. They aren't fans of prickly landscaping and anything that makes noise, like rocks or gravel.

They may also target homes that have architectural features that make it easy. Popular choices are solid fencing (especially privacy fences) and features that obscure a door or window.

5. Empty homes

About 60% of home burglaries happen during the daytime, most of those are during the workweek. As suspected, most thieves don't target occupied houses, or those that appear to be, which means they love an overgrown garden, deliveries left out or any other sign that you're on holiday.

Unsurprisingly, homes with dogs are also targeted less because they either pose a physical threat or simply bark and attract unwanted attention.

6. Poor security features

You've heard us mention it before if you're familiar with Delta Home Protection! Burglars that tend to strike at night look for poorly lit properties as it makes it harder for neighbours to see the thief. 

They also like homes without security systems (or without dynamic security systems or response companies) and with no surveillance cameras. Read more on our blog about protecting your home here:

7. Easy accessibility

Side or back entries are the most common access point in some areas. In others, it's the front door. This probably reflects regional architectural differences. Either way, houses with entry points weakened by disrepair, residents who leave doors or windows unlocked routinely, or homes with weakened security (like broken alarms) are more likely to be successfully burgled.

8. Houses with curb appeal

Larger and more well-maintained homes with signs of wealth (like expensive vehicles) tell thieves there may be a better payoff at your house, so think again when you instruct your landscaper to go ahead with that all-important water feature on the front lawn!

9. Social homeowners

Of the people quizzed in a recent Nationwide Insurance survey, 41% of homeowners aged 18 to 34 years post photos and updates on social media while on holiday, which is a burglar's dream!

Burglars often know their victims. They may be casual acquaintances like the lady who does your nails, people who provide a service (like a gardener or technician), neighbours, or even friends or relatives of friends. These people may know more about your routine than the average person (or an acquaintance of yours may reveal information about your plans too).

10. Non-urban areas

Reported burglary rates are higher in rural towns as properties are often more isolated than those in built-up areas. Often or not, they're also targeted because the nearest town is a lengthy car journey, meaning that an opportunist can get in and out without the homeowner or security company getting there beforehand.

If your property sounds like it falls into one of the categories above, get in touch with our team for a friendly, no-obligation chat as to how best to protect your home and loved ones. Call us on 0333 4567 575 or email to book your appointment.

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