Delta Tips: Protect Your Home From Distraction Burglary

For those that don’t know, distraction burglary is a modern technique burglars use to try and get into someone's home. Typically, they will approach your doorstep and pose as someone in need of help to trick you into getting into your property. It is difficult to stereotype these individuals as can either male or female, old or young, on their own or in a group.

Distraction burglary is often targeted at older people or the vulnerable, with the motive to enter into their home and steal valuables.

Some typical identities these criminals take are:

  • Police officers
  • A gas/water company worker
  • A salesperson
  • A gardener or builder
  • A charity go-er
  • Someone in need of urgent help
  • A council worker

So, you might be wondering how you can prevent this from happening to you… follow our Delta Tips below to avoid falling into their trap.

  1. Never let a stranger into your home

This may sound obvious, but this is a common mistake people make. Unless you have arranged an appointment with a supplier or expected someone's arrival, do not allow spontaneous visitors into your home.

  1. Ask for identification

Always ask them for proof of identification. If they provide you with their company name, look it up yourself or use telephone numbers listed in your local directory and call the number to clarify its legitimacy. Do not use a number they have provided you with as it could be fake.

  1. Check Neighbourhood Watch

Make sure you are a part of a local Neighbourhood Watch social media group, as these burglars usually target areas, it may have happened to someone close by before you. You can also register with local Neighbourhood Schemes if you do not actively use social media to stay informed.

  1. Hide your valuables

Do not keep your valuables in obvious places, like car keys or expensive items as this could be easy for the thieves to take. Also, do not keep huge amounts of money in your home; you can keep it safe at your local bank.

  1. Consider getting a ring/video doorbell

These modern doorbells capture anyone who approached your home, so if you did experience a case of distraction burglary, you can use the footage captured to report them and help others.

  1. Call a neighbour

If you suspect something is not quite right, call your neighbour so they can be on standby if anything serious is about to occur.

  1. Call the police

If you suspect a distraction burglar has called by, whether you let them in or not, make sure you call the police.

We hope our Delta Tips for distraction burglary has helped you, but if you need any further advice, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team who would be happy to assist you:

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