8 Tell-tale signs that show your home is unoccupied

Thinking your property is secure is one thing, but ensuring it looks occupied to the eye of a criminal is another. Holidays are a time for relaxation and exploration, away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, but preparing your property for a holiday is just as important as packing your suitcase or ensuring the dog is cared for. 

Here are our top tips to ensure your home doesn't look like a burglar's haven whilst you're basking in the sunshine.


1) Set your lights on a timer

Many of us have a set routine when we're at home; the alarm goes off at 7am, the shower goes on at 7.15am and the kettle shortly after. Whilst not all of these are possible to automate, your lights are! 


We recommend setting these at similar timings to what you usually do in your morning routine. Any potential opportunist will be fooled into thinking your house is occupied if they're watching.


2) Turn up the volume

Burglars love an empty, quiet house as it gives them the ideal setting to snoop in peace whilst also having one ear open for any disturbances. Why not pop the radio or TV on when you would usually be home? It'll make them think twice about entering your property.


3) Cancel your subscriptions 

It's very easy to forget the small things when you're preparing the family for a holiday, but things such as your milk or newspaper delivery won't go unnoticed by potential opportunists. Left it too late to cancel? A neighbour to take in any subscription deliveries or remove them from the view of passers-by, as it's often the most significant tell-tale sign that your property is unoccupied. 


4) Keep on top of the gardening

It may seem silly, but if your usually immaculate garden becomes overgrown or looks a little weathered, it's pretty apparent that it's been let go, most likely because you're away and not aware of what needs tending to.


Ask a neighbour to spend 30 minutes running the lawnmower over the front garden, water the plants, and trim the weeds. It'll be a quick win to ensure your property doesn't look empty or forgotten about.


5) Think about the blinds and windows

During a heatwave, there are not many homeowners that keep their blinds and windows closed all day! So if you’re travelling during the summer months, ask a friendly neighbour to pop in to let some air and light in whilst watching the house at the same time, of course ensuring the windows are closed once they leave your property.


6) Prevent deliveries 

We know it's incredibly tempting to order your holiday clothes online, but we recommend ensuring that all deliveries arrive in plenty of time should one be delayed and your delivery driver doesn't get an answer at the door, that's another person who knows your property is unoccupied. Another risk is that this parcel could then be left on your doorstep whilst you’re away, again showing that your home is empty. 


If you're unable to order in advance, we recommend ordering to a friend or neighbour to avoid this risk.


7) Be careful who you talk to

It might seem overcautious, and we all love telling our friends that we're jetting off to get some sunshine, but when you're out and about, don't speak too loudly about your upcoming trip just in case anyone you don't know overhears.


8) Think before you take to social media

The perfect place for potential burglars to know you're away! Getting that selfie on the beach is tempting, but most people will know that Brighton doesn't have the same white, sandy beaches as the Bahamas. Think twice before you post, as whilst your profile may be private, it won't stop the word spreading that your home is unoccupied. 


The tips above will undoubtedly give the illusion that your home is occupied, however, we recommend putting a reliable security procedure in place whilst your property is vacant. Our team of security consultants have over 20 years experience in the industry and can provide a free no-obligation quote for alarm response, security patrol and manned guarding services for your property. Get in touch today at info@deltasm.co.uk

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